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Posted: June 26, 2012 in Main
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26 June 2012

As I ponder what information  to share first, at least I can say with all of them that I have made an effort with every single one of them to do something about improving the situation – from Fukushima to vaccines  to climate change, I have tried to get improved outcomes, I have tried to help get greater consideration of issues, I have raised awareness of loads of things and the point is sitting back on the sidelines and moaning will not change anything – we can all take action today to make this world a better place!

Let’s start with science. It has been hijacked by political forces that have shares in corporate forces that want to make money out of it at every step of the way.

These same forces have conspired to effectively fear monger, deceive, cheat and lie to make progress for the past twenty years and we are still expected to just accept that hey, James Hansen is from NASA so he obviously knows more than we do. Nasa, Nato, Nazis, are of course all connected at their foundations.

Like the AYCC’s T shirts ‘I’m not as smart as a climate scientist but I am smart enough to believe them.’ Although perhaps there should be a little asterisk at the bottom of the slogan that says * Dr. Tim Ball excluded. Or maybe ‘ I am smart enough to listen to only the ‘real’ ones who promote impending doom by way of a frying planet, lands submerging beneath the waves, extinct polar bears and melting ice and so on.’

“Science is the belief in the ignorance of the experts” – Richard Feynman


Carbon Taxes & Climate Change

Toronto Sun : James Lovelock  and notice the poll at the bottom of the article – 92 percent say global warming is not a threat.

It’s quite remarkable how many articles have appeared recently that confirm that global warming isn’t about the science it is a ‘societal/political’ issue. So much for the ‘settled’ science then upon which the exaggerations we have been given are based.

So it seems that Rio+20 was a spectacular failure


Interesting title from the Daily Mail

You know the Eurozone is in deep trouble when the mainstream tells you that Ex IMF Bankster Mario Monti is the Euro’s best hope!

Tony Blair is once again in the spotlight over his decision to block a legal briefing to his cabinet prior to the 2003 invasion of Iraq that has just surfaced amid calls to add this information to the Chilcit inquiry


The Muslim Brotherhood now run Egypt and we know who they are buddies with.


With much outrage coming from Turkey over the fighter plane that was shot down by Syria (see here)  it should be remembered that many of the hit squads attacking innocent unarmed men, women and children in Syria have set out from Turkey – a point that Webster Tarpley recently commented on. Perhaps Syria would have been a little less trigger happy if that were not the case. Turkey has taken the matter to NATO.

Interestingly Syria has stated that it was not a Russian anti aircraft missile but an anti aircraft gun that shot down the Turkish fighter that was in Syrian airspace.

And with all eyes on Syria, there is also concern about a possible Israeli strike on Damascus to ‘neutralise’ Syrian WMD’s.

Houla massacre


For your entertainment  – At the movies

With some more analysis of the story behind the movies:

“You never know when a moment and a

few sincere words can have an impact on a life.”

― Zig Ziglar

  1. PaulE says:

    Lord Monkton re. the RIO G20 failed summit….

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