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Posted: November 4, 2012 in Main

4th November 2012

Welcome back to the free speech zone where no subject is off limits.. where shall we go today?

I have been offline for a while as I have just moved home. So the following has been compiled over a week or so.


How about let us begin by giving another consideration for those people out there who actually have any investments of their own to remember the big ‘D’ – Diversification.

Whilst most are familiar with diversification across different asset classes and many have invested across cash shares and property, very few have added commodities to the list.

Due to many things happening in the financial world it is worth making the point again because in a nutshell we know there has been some heavy duty manipulation in major gold markets like CRIMEX er I mean the COMEX, and that this has been going on for a number of years.

One might think that they could continue to keep a lid on the price indefinitely and keep having more paper gold floating around, at who knows how many multiple times the actual physical gold available, at some point there will surely be a default and also I am guessing that the longer the game is dragged out with more paper money and paper and digital gold ‘based financial products’ the more spectacular the price hike of gold will be when that default in supply comes.

The price of gold has climbed spectacularly over the past decade and this has turned many people away from it because they look at the resources sector and think that gold is like iron ore we have seen the peak and for the past year the price has dropped.

However obviously gold is quite different and if the central banks have now listed  gold as Tier 1 and another 1.3 billion humans can now buy it (the Chinese people are now ‘allowed’ to buy Gold and Silver) that and throw in Quantity Easing super turbo plus and how far gold has climbed in the past decade will be miniscule compared to where it is going in the coming decade.

In the big scheme of things of course the scroogy globalists don’t want the masses having any wealth and that is why all over the world elected Federal Governments are in the process of financial vandalising the economic future of all developed nations.

It is incremental just so you don’t notice it all at once.

Extra taxes and hidden inflation in essential items are just a couple of ways that they are achieving their goals and of course let’s not forget all the billions blown on ridiculousness because that has to be repaid plus interest by the war tax payers.

With the American elections just around the corner the research community seem quite certain that Obama is out of the Commander in Chiefs chair. Really. (Or should that be really?)  I disagree my prediction is Obama will be win but more on that shortly

Either way Obamney or Rombama are a vote for more of the same

Meanwhile over in Japan the BBC has reported on contaminated fish from Fukushima

Talking of the BBC it is facing its worse ever crisis over Jimmy’s a vile

I hear that ‘Jim’ll fix it’ the slogan he used on his television show had more to do with his sourcing skills for some of his upper eschelon cronies because he had access to plenty of victims via his ‘charity work’ I had a look to see who some of his friends were.

The number of victims is said to be into the hundreds but it’s probably thousands and does anyone really believe that no-one, not a single soul ever knew about Savile?

The upside to the Jimmy Savile story is that this story is likely to be the opening of the floodgates of truth and a long list of his satanic child abusing cronies are going to get nailed.

Over in Italy Berlusconi has been sentenced to 4 years but is likely to wriggle out of actually doing any time

Luckily for Berlusconi, a new law came into effect in Italy that said that anyone over 70 years old wouldn’t have to do any jail time.

The fact that he was in The Italian Prime Minister at the time the new law came in is surely no coincidence – in effect it was a safeguard, almost his very own get out of jail free card. And why not, they are already playing with monopoly money after all. J

Oh well it could be worse. North Korea for instance where a wrong move by an official got him death by mortar round. No, seriously -a mortar round!

Over in the USA the fact that many were talking about an October surprise added to the available evidence that has already come to light that indicates that HAARP was the likely culprit in relation to Hurricane Sandy.

They know that people will go with what they know in times of crisis and the possibility that this was another engineered event by the same handlers in charge of Obama.

I could be wrong and perhaps they do want to replace Obama but I doubt it very much.

It might be possible that Obama hasn’t followed orders and delayed the inevitable escalation in relation to Iran and the reason that they want to replace him, but since he already has team Trilateral Commission and CFR operators installed in the Whitehouse and over his first term as President, in the last 4 years the Obama Administration have done nothing but implement the globalists agenda.

Some people reckon he just needs more time to turn things around which I might be more inclined to believe if it weren’t also for such remarkable tyranny enabling things like the NDAA or the TSA.

So my prediction for the coming US Elections is that Obama will snatch it in a nail biting photo finish. I could be wrong but added to his CFR/TLC crew is the strong possibility that Barry Soetoro really is a CIA Prez in which case he is staying a bit longer.

But of course I shouldn’t dwell on the subject too much since it matters not one bit whether it’s Romney or Soetoro.

It is a real shame that the U.S. ‘write in’ candidates can’t come from overseas or I would think about running for the job. Haha. No thanks.

Then again if they let a Kenyan born Indonesian raised bloke in then maybe they will consider my write in since the precedent has already been set now. Isn’t that right Mr Soetoro – who shall be remembered  as the CIA Predator Drone Prez.

Maybe I have been a bit harsh on the Commander in Chief, but his actions have increased death and suffering from war, his administration has expanded on it despite being elected on a platform of ending occupation in Afghanistan and Iraq.

As head of the UN Security Council Obama presided over the illegal invasion of Libya, the conviction and the metering out of the death sentence aka the murder of Gaddafi without a fair trial goes against the principles our society was built on.

Obama has presided over much more remote control bombing of more innocent unarmed villagers than Georgie Jr did.

Bill Clinton keeps using the excuse that Obama inherited a bad situation, but despite the rhetoric the facts are that the situation for America has gone from bad to worse for unemployment, debt and individual liberties under Commander in Chief BHO.

Of course nothing will change in America or anywhere else until we get rid of the United Nations and the Central Banking Cartel..

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