Financial Considerations and Rinse and Repeat Propaganda

Posted: December 6, 2012 in Main
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Turn off the telly

Welcome back for some more news worth sharing because the mainstream media won’t.

I have recently watched television again and despite having gone without one for probably three years yes I have returned to watching the television and even with Alan Watt’s words of warning to NEVER watch the television still ringing in my ears at least I can justify it by keeping abreast of what is being reported by the Mainstream media, and filling in the gaps as they have consistently left over the few years I have been looking.

Last week in Aussieland it was mainstream media’s vaccine propaganda week.

One of the main claims made is that of ‘herd immunity’ which is BS as the story at the following link highlights over 2009 mumps outbreak (which was just like that whooping cough outbreak in QLD where most who got it had also had the ‘immunisation’ that obviously didn’t work.)

Pertussis cases - Vaccinated vs unvaccinated

Pertussis cases (CDNA)

This week they were off to a flying start with climate BS thanks probably in part at least to the UN talks in Doha.

I noticed another propaganda piece put out via AAP and it lost me in the first sentence which read

‘Global carbon emissions…’

All life on this planet is carbon based.

Presumably the esteemed scientist mentioned was referring to carbon dioxide emissions, and the article mentioned a 4 to 6 degrees celcius rise in temperature by 2100 and all the usual BS.

Of course mentioned is the rise in emissions over the last decade but it fails to mention that the lack of temperature increase during that time or the fact that the computer models that were relied upon to make the absurd claims have been at odds with the actual results (i.e. that they are useless)

ACM covers the ABC bias

Anthony Watts from has used Al Gore’s reality drop to give a message


Jo Nova covers the UN threat to the internet

Global Research covers NATO crimes against humanity in Syria

Larouche ‘obama insane’

Obama has been at it again this time deploying more troops to Yemen and Libya and ‘notified congress’ even though as far as I can determine he should have sought Congressional approval beforehand but that is fairly well par for the course

The Whitehouse has also warned Syria against using chemical weapons and says it will intervene if it does. (Here they go again)  and the alarming signal is that the mainstream seem to have jumped on board with the chemical weapons propaganda most of what I have seen so far has been reinforcing the message that chemical weapons are the most horrific thing that only madmen like Saddam Hussein would ever use against his own people, in a feeble attempt to portray Assad in the same way.


Unlike Saddam I don’t recall seeing posters  or video footage featuring Assad brandishing a shotgun, but the fact that the msm are running with that line one cannot rule out the possibility of a false flag to justify sending in the boys and girls to save the people.

It doesn’t need a rocket scientist to work out the probability that if researchers like Webster Tarpley have reported ‘death squads’ running around Syria are correct added to the increased funding to ‘help out’ just like when Hillary got extra funding to ‘help out’ in Pakistan in 2009 and then when we look at how Pakistan has fared over the last three years and research the number of Predator drone attacks that have accidentally blown up the wrong target and entire villages in some cases. (And let’s not forget that even Pakistani soldiers were killed in their own Country whilst stationed at their posts along the border,

and of course that is the sort of ‘helping out’ that takes place, no matter what the intent behind it, the fact of the matter is that human suffering results from that kind of help and all interference in Syria by outside interests must stop or the same mess will result.

No evidence of Syria planning to use chemical weapons

Infowars covers the chemicals weapons propaganda here
Some people I listen to are absolutely insisting that there has been a pushback against the globalists plans has already stalled their timelines but is also why so many high ranking military honchos have been getting the boot. (General Allen last month was the 4th US Afghan Chief to be given the big ‘heave ho’)


Of course if  it were the case that some of those guys were blocking the globalists plans then the fact that they are now out of the way has historical parallels to the emergence of a dictator which has also coincidentally been signed into place.

That comment that Obama made to Nettenhayu about having more freedom to act after his re-election was presumably in relation to going in to Syria and the invasion hype is mounting, NATO has given the go ahead to line missiles along the Turkish-Syrian border.

Unless I am mistaken Syria is about to go off. No lessons have been learned from Iraq and the same exact rinse and repeat BS is chundering along once again.

Whilst the local Australian ABC likes to suck up to Obama and forgets to mention the supreme dictator powers Obama has given himself eludes the ‘planet america’  weekly show – you do not see them talking about the possible implications of the NDAA as an example and if they ever did it would likely be to downplay  it and laugh. The ‘show’ is perhaps intended to be funny and amusing but it is also a total wasted opportunity to talk about what is really going on in the USA.

I also have been watching the ‘scary Islamic type’ terrorist propaganda tv show known as Homeland and I think I already mentioned that one presents the main story and just off to the side is some cushioning up to the idea of Israel attacking Iranian nuclear facilities that features in the background from the second season.

Over in Planet Nettanyahuland $120 million is being kept as the price to pay for Palestine over its bid for recognition over at the United Nations.

Mike Adams on truth telling

And more on the Houla massacre coverup (to blame Assad) here

And note of the link above contains this significant conclusion that cannot clearly determine the perpetrators of the Houla Massacre and that morphed in to the Syrian Government being blamed for it.


Syria blamed despite a lack of evidence – Total Propaganda

The Oral Update Report of the CoI says (See for example, A/HRC/20/CRP.1, para 48-49,54-55 p. 10-11):

“First, that the perpetrators were ‘Shabbiha’ or other local militia from neighbouring villages, possibly operating together with, or with the acquiescence of, the Government security forces; second that the perpetrators were anti-Government forces seeking to escalate the conflict while punishing those that failed to support – or who actively opposed – the rebellion; or third, foreign groups with unknown affiliation.”

“With the available evidence,” the Oral Update Report said, ‘the CoI could not rule out any of these possibilities.”

A few paragraphs later it added:

“The CoI could not rule out the possibility of the involvement of foreign groups with unknown affiliation. The CoI received information that the anti-Government armed groups in Taldou on that day received ‘support from other groups from neighboring areas.’ Testimony was also collected that described the perpetrators as having shaved heads and long beards – descriptions which have been applied both to foreign groups and the Shabbiha in other contexts. This information could not be corroborated by the Commission.”

Based on this statement, the Oral Update Report stated:

“The CoI is unable to determine the identity of the perpetrators at this time….”

Without providing any substantial new evidence, the August Report, instead, states that there is “no doubt the Syrian government was responsible for the Houla massacre.” (A/HRC/21/50, para 49, p. 10)

Some good news stories include Kenya decided to ban the importation of all GMO’s

Latest from Lord Monckton

Australian Finances

Talking of economic transformation the best way to do it is of course lower the war tax and all its derivatives. Presumably Wayne has this in hand but perhaps his plans for funding the 2013-14 deficit will include raising the GST if they get voted in again.

Somehow I doubt that will happen but in the meantime the Gillard – Swan debt machine is mounting every week they are running the show.

And despite the mainstream rhetoric what is wrong with the financial picture?

Every developed nation is in a similar situation although the Australian economy is relatively strong with incredible export tonnages of resources and has just ridden the crest of the wave of a resources boom that lasted for a decade and yet the debt keeps rising and more on that shortly

I have mentioned before the research that shows that there is a correlation between the cost to produce and the sale price and over long periods of time these two closely match and when they diverge there is usually a corresponding convergence, and since we have had a decade of a great divergence in the price of something like Iron ore compared to what it was a decade ago. The following link from RIO shows that in 2002 they were getting 28 dollars per tonne. It did climb up to about $120 but now at about $90 according to Roger

When the Chinese slow down slows down and of course if Americans will have less money in their pockets they will spend less on products produced in China. America is China’s biggest export market and a slowdown in the USA must equate to a big slowdown in Chinese output.

China can only build so many new Cities and infrastructure projects and if all those reports are halfway true about how so many big Chinese industrials have made big losses having built new infrastructure that needs maintenance and does not provide a return, adds to their debt.

Japan looks to be in an energy crisis scenario and that may also represent a new demand for more imported energy, but financially they are in as much of a mess as the rest of the basket cases.

The nations that are the exceptions include Iceland who have had an economic turnaround and Countries like Norway that trade with the EU but remain outside it.

A referendum for the UK would see Britain out of the E.U. which would be a splendid financial boost to the nations finances (go and see how much is contributed to the EU about 10 BILLION quid a year, add that to the 5 BILLION spent on the Afghanistan quagmire and Iraq every year and there’s the UK’s budget sorted. Or at least it would be if they did.

Aussie resources

Over in Australia where the mainstream have been endlessly yapping on about the interest rate reduction of 4/5th of nothing I thought it might be better instead to talk about the resources situation.

On the one hand, and despite the 60 billion dollars of new projects that were shelved right after they introduced the carbon tax and the Mining tax (MRRT) it is still incredible to see the scale that some of the projects that are already underway.

But look at some of those cost blowouts – how do you get a 9 billion dollar underestimate? Ask the Gorgon gas project

Anyway the point with the resources sector is not just that we have seen a decade of booming prices but in that time the production has soared as well.

Being that the supply and demand as with all markets comes in to play (manipulation aside) there is more reason to imagine that the resources boom is already over. Even if it isn’t, look at it in production numbers. If our production is continually increasing then the supply side gets even more loaded up just by the demand continuing.

The biggest export market is slowing and whilst some analysts believe that the demand is set to continue at the record pace for another 20 to 25 years, I disagree because some of the critical assumption that contribute to that conclusion are wrong.

I have already mentioned that some of the big Chinese industrials have booked huge losses and that includes steel makers.

Another significant fact that almost everyone seems to miss is the unknown quantities of stockpiled resources which have been stacked up by hedge funds. An unknown quantity of the iron ore exported to China sits in a stockpile.

Now if we have a major global financial catastrophe underway and military strife then there is a strong chance that those unknown inventories of stockpiled materials will be liquidated sooner rather than later.

That would flood the markets with a massive oversupply and the price will plummet.

Many financial specialists make the point that price and value always converge in time.

The massive stockpiles in China is borne out by folk on the ground who have reported full to brimming holding areas.

So the chances are that some of these big projects will quickly find themselves in trouble if and when any of the above happens.

But then again, if a newly built project goes belly up, the Banksters can always walk in a buy up the place for a fraction of the cost and profiteer once again.

A little known fact that in Australia alone, Iron Ore exports have skyrocketed from about 70 million tonnes per year in 2000 to almost 700 million tonnes per year this year

That’s a tenfold increase in exports in little over a decade and a 9 times price increase over the same period.

Let’s not forget that as the article above mentioned that China has hit back against the big Iron Ore miners by investing 29 billion dollars in 35 new players to the game, most of which are in Western Australia.

China has its own domestic production to protect

China is looking to halve the tax rate paid by its domestic iron ore producers in an effort to maintain local supply and drive down the prices received by Australian and Brazilian miners.

Just something to think about !



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