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Posted: December 11, 2012 in Uncategorized

10th December 2012

Whilst we can speculate about possible false flags to get things going the way the globalists want and may be correct or incorrect, the fact that events have happened that were shown in entertainment years beforehand was certainly true when looking at 9/11.

From the Spiderman trailer to comic books to the Simpsons 9/11 was well and truly portrayed in entertainment well before it happened.

And so back to the speculation, and who else can recall that scene in the Transformers 2 movie that features a sinking aircraft carrier scene (although that may have been the Roosevelt) and in the movie then gives reference to terrorists and then the Pentagon.

In the real world the arrival of more US Warships near Syria including the Dwight D Eisenhower the risks of something similar happening (whether real or a false flag) has increased.

Today some links to some news stories I have seen over the last few days worth sharing, fyi

Big Pharma

Another victim of Big Pharma, a 7 year old girl who was healthy until getting her flu shot following which she died 4 days later

And the GM Mossies are being released in Florida  (They already did this in QLD two years ago)

Fluoride is getting a lot of attention in QLD lately

Natural news lists the top 10 ways children are being poisoned


Military Industrial Complex

Thousands of troops and 17 US warships now lined up in range of Syria

MI6 told agent that they could not kill Al-CIA-Duh main man

Iran has no nuclear weapons program

Academi the new landlord in Afghanistan

Climate Change

ACM sticks it to Lewandowsky of FOI request whining

Prankster Aussie Prime Minister

Julia Gillard’s end of the world speech was a hoax but that didn’t stop it terrorising who knows how many children across the nation.

Medevev has also been cracking  jokes


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