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16th December 2012


Just about every media outlet in the world has been giving hourly updates on the American school shooting. If it had been 20 school children in Pakistan, Iraq or Yemen it would have barely got a mention. Are American lives that much more important than anyone else’s ? No of course not, but the tragic shooting of American children gets days of coverage in the mainstream media who should be equally outraged when innocent lives are lost wherever they occur. Unfortunately they are not.

Drone bomber Supreme Commander Obama is due to join Mourners in Connecticut Sunday

Now on to another subject that has been in the news a fair bit recently



West Australians can look forward to another price hike in the new year, with the mainstream media casually announcing that water will rocket up another 12 per cent. No explanation was given, just that it’s going up 12 per cent.

Perhaps the increase is due to increased costs, but one obvious way to reduce expenditure over at the Water Corporation would be to stop violating the Nuremberg code by forcibly medicating the population with fluoride.

Bundaberg in QLD has voted to stop water fluoridation and hopefully that will happen over in the west at some point in the near future.

Of course many dentists have come out and criticised the Bundaberg decision but that’s because they listen to people who have a conflict of interest and tell them that it’s all safe and natural.

On the other hand they are probably ignorant to the source of the ‘fluoride’ being toxic industrial waste from manufacturing processes and of the hundreds of scientific studies that have reported on major health impacts.

The dentists who are opposed to ending water fluoridation are presumably also ignorant to the Nazi origins of adding fluoride to the water to keep the populace docile – the allies discovered this and then after WW2 began adding it to water supplies all over the world, beginning in America.

Apart from the fact that most of the fluoride added to the water ends up on our lawns and into our waterways seems to be lost on those fluoride defending dentists but none of them are able to provide any explanation as to how anyone is supposed to make sure that they don’t overdose on it. What happens if someone drinks twice the average amount of water on a particular day? What are the health effects of that? Silence..

Many studies also show that fluoride lowers IQ significantly and is a likely contributor to the reason that there are so many apathetic zombies out there that do not care that they are being effectively poisoned, dumbed down and fed a diet of lies and half-truths by the media.

Bringing about an end to fluoridation will no doubt wake up a lot of zombies and is one of the reasons that the control freaks want to keep feeding it to us.

Anyone who hasn’t yet contacted their Minister on this matter should do so – in West Aus there is a fluoridation committee and a letter to them to urge they review the Water Fluoridation Act might be a good start for West Australia to follow the lead that Bundaberg has produced.


Climate Change

Local Climate Change master of the universe and mental superbrain Lewandowsky speaks with absolute certainty about the ‘deniers’ leaking the latest IPCC ‘science’ here

Anyway I have emailed Lewandowsky since he is based close to where I live and asked him if I can meet him to discuss his views because I disagree with him. Let’s see if he has enough conviction of his beliefs to defend them.

You may have noticed the bombardment by the mainstream media about the AR5 ‘leaked by skeptics’ as though all those unscrupulous ‘deniers’ have acted so villainously by leaking the decrees of the priest class experts.

Why does it have to be leaked in the first place?


International News

The Israeli Foreign Minister resigned

The following report mentions the US Senate Intelligence Committee have concluded that the CIA use of torture to be a ‘terrible mistake.’

Meanwhile over in Japan they cant find the source of a leak at a Fukushima reactor which means likely it is escaping into the environment

Chinas space probe took some pictures of a 5km asteroid as it flew past at 24,000 mph

International Forecaster with some financial reality

Global Research covers the military build up along the Turkish border

Over in the UK Prince Charles doesn’t have to pay any tax despite claims that he should he doesn’t have to in another example of why the monarchy is well overdue for replacement

Do vaccines harm populations?

Natural News covers violent video games

  1. Andrew McRae says:

    you say: “they are probably ignorant to the source of the ‘fluoride’ being toxic industrial waste from manufacturing processes and of the hundreds of scientific studies that have reported on major health impacts.”

    Hundreds of studies showing adverse health impacts of fluoridation?
    Can you provide links or references to just three of these studies?
    Preferably the best three that you know of.

    Don’t bother with the one about the Chinese village IQ or the mid-90s PhD thesis on rat pineal glands, I’ve seen them both. They are half-arguments which prove nothing relevant to fluoridation.

    • Thanks for your comments Andrew. I will do another post on fluoride soon. If you would like to tell me what area you live in I will try and find out the source of the fluoride in your water as well as links to my ‘best three’

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