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Posted: January 17, 2013 in Main
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10th to 17th January 2013


In the interests of public sanity I should maybe say that I do or do not necessarily agree with anything I ever said here, my views thoughts and conclusions, speculations, sarcasm or endless witty anecdotes provided may change from time to time and the opinions given are expressed in the interests of free speech, that which I choose to defend and say because I am lucky enough to live in a Country where I have that right and appreciate it and choose to use that right.

Let’s have a look at some of the news that has caught my attention over the past week or so. I just saw a few minutes of the trivial propaganda extravaganza known as ‘the project’ on channel ten and it was so overloaded with rubbish that I remembered how important it is to counter the propaganda because it is so all pervasive and repetitive it is amazing.

In those few minutes I heard them demonising Americans who support the constitutional second amendment, they pushed the bush fires=global warming and also that artificial sweeteners are safe.

Anyway, let’s have a look at some real news instead..

I mentioned the multiple ghost cities in China recently but I only just also read that they have started doing it in Africa as well – building a high rise city in Angola.

It is a shame that the ant colony global governance agenda is so B grade movie but despite all that, a reminder that we must never forget that for all the outright atrocities and acts of pure evil that go on all over the planet, that there are always good people trying to make the future better and all sorts of people from Architects and Engineers to Military and Scientific communities amongst others who are out there making it so.

Whether it’s Meryl Dorey in Australia or Mike Adams or Dr T in America explaining the reality regarding vaccines, there are so many ground breakers out there who are getting the message out there with a view that has challenged global governance propaganda central that the global awakening is accelerating.

Meanwhile Tim Flannery’s ludicrous ant colony model seeks to eliminate individuality by its very nature.

So now that lots of people worked that out, in all walks of life there are the good guys and gals working towards having a future that we can look forward to.

There are so many good people out there who are able to get their head around the global financial oligarch class for instance and have done a great job of explaining how the financial system around the world works.

Like those over at Goldman Sachs and the Deutsche Bank are getting billions of dollars in bonuses. The crew over at Deutsche Bank are saying something like

“ poor old us we are only getting 80 or 90% that we paid ourselves last year”  following which they fail to mention the Billiions that they collectively paid themselves.

Over at the RBS however they only paid themselves a mere 390 million quid in bonuses, but then again they did have to put some aside for the bill for a contingency for the LIBOR scandal

But the idea of reducing the Bankers bonuses has been catching on in the Banking world and others are sure to follow as the cash keeps flowing as a result of the LIBOR scandal.


Aussie tourists should boycott Indonesia


Australia you should be outraged that the deliberate poisoning of tourists by Indonesian bars flogging off methanol laced drinks, particularly since in recent months youngsters have been getting blinded and more recently killed as a result of consuming the deadly moonshine and Indonesian authorities don’t care enough to do anything about it. What on Earth are you doing going there for your holidays? Where is our Prime Minister or any other Federal representative on this issue? Silence. Good on Mr Choong of the AMA for speaking out about how disgraceful the lack of any action to date is.

I hope you will all boycott holidays in Indonesia until something is done about this!


Back to another subject

Topics of conversation I have seen and overheard in the last week have included

‘Well the deniers don’t generally have the credentials, and ALL the evidence by the expert  priest class scientific demi-gods, at least 97 percent of the real scientists say there is a consensus..’

Which 97 percent is that, exactly? It’s a case of repeating it until the truth sinks in for the new global religion of IPCC funded climatology, the politically driven false flag agenda under the pretext of saving the planet.

An M.I.T Professor, or an Australian Professor, or a scientific advisor don’t have the credentials? Nor a climate scientist with 30 years as his profession? What credentials do they need?

Despite the claims of paid oil agents, not all are, and personally I think that one of the problems in challenging the heavily funded IPCC that has consensus that humans probably contribute to some warming.

It’s not as much as the propaganda machine has lead us to believe, which is why a number of believers conclude that it is worth ‘doing everything possible’ to reduce our impact on the planet because it is happening and the planet has warmed by almost 1 degree since the late 1800′s.

Ok I am with all the fiercest of Greens when it comes to eliminating pollutants in our environment but for goodness sake when it comes to environmental pollutants we should prioritise them on the basis of how damaging to the environment they are.

At the top of the list of damaging is conventional nuclear power, because the waste is a problem for thousands of future generations.

Carbon dioxide is way on down the list and there are lots of others that contribute more negative effects than a doubling of carbon dioxide ever would.

Atmospheric geoengineering programs are potentially more harmful than carbon dioxide.

chemtrail 2

Closer to home in Australia 2013 has got off to a flying start with the weather and whilst I don’t believe that every extreme weather event was created by H.A.A.R.P I reckon that theweather events in Australia could have been caused by it perhaps in conjunction with more spraying and I don’t know maybe that explains the spider web cloud patterns that you may or not have observed depending on where you live. But I do have the flight details of a recent QLD spraying program for ‘cloud seeding’ and it details the pilots the planes and the dates and flight details of the project, the who, when, where and how.

The fact that there have been conferences on the subject of chemtrails and the observable results around the world, it’s probably safe to say that they forgot to mention it to the public, because it is to save us from a bit more warming that we may or may not have in the future. and those recent Tasmanian bush fires seemed a bit odd being that the temperatures there were only in the mid 20’s (celcius) when it happened although there have been heatwaves and bushfires around the country recently.

So, another possibility as unlikely as it may seem could be that the aerosol spraying has also contributed to some of the extreme weather in Australia of late.

Besides, there is a much simpler reason as to why there are so many large bush fires these days.

A look back at history in Australia shows that once upon a time there were more local fire stations that undertook to clear debris from bushland to minimise the risk of bushfires.

In recent times these local stations have closed down and replaced with larger centralised Fire Stations, and the practice of clearing debris has reduced as more land has been fenced off and left to its own devices thanks to Agenda 21, resulting in vast swathes of land that become tinder boxes for huge fires when the dry summer months come.


jimmys a vile

Royal Commission into child abuse


The decision by Julia Gillard to launch a Royal Commission into Institutional sexual abuse of children is evidently long overdue. However the timing of it, being that it is an election year is possibly coincidental but it’s also possible that it is a PR stunt in order to gain some credibility as a fine upstanding leader in order to gain re-election.

Over in the U.K. Operation Yewtree has nabbed plenty of public figures following the revelation that Jimmys-a-vile abused hundreds of children over decades, which is a case of better late than never, but that too is little more than a PR stunt designed to show that the establishment is on the case regarding child abuse and I will perhaps change my views on that when the mainstream media mentions Holly Greig.


Big Pharma


Mega propaganda regarding flu is everywhere at the moment and with the mention by the mainstream about the scary H3N2 variety, what are the chances that this has appeared by way of the pandemic delivery mechanism – vaccines? What was that all those crazy nut jobs were rambing on about the H5N1 mixing with H3N2 fragments a few years back in the old swine flu days of 2009?

No-one knows for sure meanwhile how many people are reporting flu like symptoms as a result of atmospheric geoengineering projects because whilst the funding flows freely it didn’t extend to checking for adverse health impacts. In other words the spraying whenever it takes place does not consider the impacts because it doesn’t look at them.

Natural news reports once again on more evidence of the vaccine hoax

The report referred to is here

The following article shows a summary of the extent of corruption amongst some of the Big Pharma organisations

At least 40 paralyzed immediately after receiving the meningitis vaccine

And yet so many people still think Big Pharma is somehow decent and honest..

Compensation awarded for MMR causing autism (but there’s no connection hey?)

And another awarded 475,000 for HepB vaccine damage


Phony Kony campaign makes millions


I do recall calling the phony Kony campaign as BS  when it appeared, and here’s the msm reporting on how the organisation made 20 million bucks



This one is not going away anytime soon.

Four-Star Admiral James Lyons, writes: “the attack on the American Consulate in Benghazi… was the result of a bungled abduction attempt…. the first stage of an international prisoner exchange… that would have ensured the release of Omar Abdel Rahman, the ‘Blind Sheik’…”


Sandy Hook


There is a big fight going on at the moment over this tragic event so I decided to have a look a bit deeper into the Sandy Hook story.

I will have a look as impartially as I can as an Aussie living a long way from where it occurred at least I am far removed from the physical location where it happened, although as I previously mentioned my initial conclusion was that whatever happened, the official version is worth looking at because there are lots of unanswered parts to it.

It isn’t really that hard to find evidence that strongly supports the possibility of the mainstream version of events to be likely to happen just based on the historical actuals involving young blokes on Big Pharma medication that are plugged in to virtual reality playing violent video games for hours on end and the combination is one of the similarities that many of the mass murderers have shared.

So there is a possibility that is what happened.

Perhaps there is a lot of disinformation in relation to what happened and considering the possibility of the effect it would have on a family if when faced with such a loss they were also accused of being an actor faking it, I wasn’t going to say any more about Sandy Hook. are reeling from the relentless accusations and have used (likely CIA) asset Anderson Cooper to refute the claims that are still raging on twitter

Historically one of the smoking guns of a staged pre planned problem reaction solution event has been the conducting of drills that coin coincidentally mirror real life events.

Sandy Hook fundraising timetravellers ?

What’s this deliberate disinformation?


So would there be any motive to the staging of a planned event in order to justify some nefarious objective?

The information war wages and so we can speculate more on Sandy Hook but the truth may or may not ever be known. However we have identified two of the root causes being the combination of violence in entertainment and mixed with big pharma medication they translate into a dangerous combination.

International News


They’re off to Timbuktu!

Escalation in Mali as Euro hardware moves in

I have no idea whether Mali has much Gold in the ground or not but it does have some – let’s have a look.. Bingo! It seems Mali ranks as #3 on the list of African Gold production. But they are there to fight Al-CIAder and into another quagmire.

The overspill to Algeria..

Actually the overspill into Algeria has already commenced



Kevin Rudd has called for the arming of Syrian ‘resistance’ terrorists

It is unbelievable – can you imagine if the shoe was on the other foot? Of course Rudd likes to think that what happened in Libya could have been avoided if Gadaffi had simply run off into exile and he is still pushing the ‘Iran wants to wipe Israel off the map’ fiction..

For a clearer picture on Syria than the erroneous and verbose terrorist supporting views held by the ex Aussie PM, try here



Sherriff Joe has been on the case regarding Obama’s birth certificate

And there has been some tough talking State Sheriffs that have been doing the rounds in the media. I did say Obama would go for their guns, but look at the impact it has had. American gun sales have been at record levels for a while now and perhaps that is part of the agenda, to help the economy.

On a broader scale many people think that the N.A.U is off the table but it fits into the exact same regional to global governance transition that was implemented in Europe (lol) and the Asia Pacific region. First its the trade agreements then it is the governance model that usurps existing national laws and issues directives from afar, decreed by unelected dictators – in – waiting that cannot be ejected from their thrones – that is I think a reasonably accurate assessment of the E.U. governance model, so the NAU is probably not off the table. I know some researchers have concluded that the goal is to create a State by State secession into perhaps half a dozen nation states but what was the response to secession from the Whitehouse? Was it by any chance, ‘NO’ ? And even if that were true, that would still represent some major consolidation and centralization of power into some super states.

Moves to impeach Obama



Delingpole does the Met Office

Cameron is under pressure over a referendum over Britain’s continued membership of the E.U. and he will tomorrow no doubt say yes you can probably have a referendum in two or three years’ time. (mwuharr)



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