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18th to 25th January 2013

I’ll try and keep this post brief  since it’s Australia Day here tomorrow, a long weekend in the lucky Country and so I will do an Australia Day special next time – so let’s have a look this time at some more news from around the world that I have noticed (and given my thoughts on) over the past week..

Free speech is under attack all over the world, in accordance with the United Nations desire to effectively outlaw criticism of global governance.

In Australia..

Meanwhile elsewhere in the world, as predicted, Dave Cameron has said yes to a referendum in the UK over EU membership – maybe, in a couple of years, or 2017

The reason he gave for not wanting a referendum immediately is because the EU is in “flux” i.e. a mess and so since it is “in flux” therefore obviously it has to be sorted out and that will be better than what the last 40 years has produced and it wouldn’t be fair to have a referendum because Britain has to wait to see how new and improved the E.U. Mk2 is (when they make one, that is)

Makes total sense I suppose if you are content with the same characters continuing on and confident in their ability to make a new and improved E.U.

However I have done enough research on some of the key players and there’s more than a couple with ideas about becoming the world’s new superpower.

On a broader scale it’s almost like when the Berlin wall fell it wasn’t symbolic of the end of communism, it was the start of the merger between the West, i.e. Western Europe, with the Eastern, the Eurasian merger where the west that has become increasingly sovietised and the east has opened up to all the usual franchised corporations.

The E.U. model was sold to the British people as being all about commerce, and as with other regional models of unelected billions, it has overruled existing national laws by way of undemocratic decree and cost billions and billions of quid to run so far so let’s see what they can suggest to turn that situation around.

Meanwhile over in America..

Hillary has referred to the movie Argo during her Benghazi testimony, presumably in part to paint the picture like in the movie where the Embassy was overrun unexpectedly. Of course in the case of Benghazi we have heard from those who know the processes in place and have stated that there is no way that the Whitehouse Administration did not have advanced knowledge of what was about to happen and sat back and watched.

You have to admit that Hillary has over the years worked as they say ‘like a Trojan’

Perhaps the stories are true and that Stevens was more CIA backed hardware broker and by allowing him to be eliminated along with it helped the rogue element to eliminate any American-Alqeada connections, which is probably quite handy for those guys now seeing that some of the same ‘liberators’ of Libya have resurfaced in Mali and Algeria and are relegated to being labelled the bad Alqeada, not the supposed liberators like they were in Libya.

Perhaps there was never a U.S. Embassy in Benghazi

But of course all over the msm it’s ‘the US Embassy in Benghazi’

The other sign that this could be yet another engineered event, after all the entire region is filled with black ops teams and mercenaries and that attack happened on September 11th.

Global Research looks at who is in the Islamic Maghreb

Since Hillary mentioned the movie ‘Argo’ let’s forget the fact that it’s an outright propaganda piece against Iran even if the story is largely true.

The Argo story is based around the real life events but to summarise, after the CIA initiated overthrow of Mosadeq in 1953 after he nationalised all the Corporate oilfields, the Shah was installed and ruled for 25 years before being ousted.

Correct me if I am wrong but I think it was soon after that Don Rumsfeld made friends with Saddam and sold him some weapons and encouraged him to invade Iran.

They are following the same playbook over Iran, just like how they set up Saddam and then went after him for his non-existent WMDs because the UN had already secured them and eliminated any Iraqi WMD capabilities but they still used it as the main excuse for invading Iraq, which had nothing to do with the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Do you reckon it was a gaffe or that Biden really was saying that he is Obama’s boss? Either way makes no difference to team CFR, but it wouldn’t be the first time Biden ever made a controversial remark.

I wonder how many Obamanoids were expecting the Rocky Balboa theme tune at his latest speech – they may as well have, because he is about as non-fictional as Balboa.

Maybe those still under the Obama spell will snap out of it next time – meanwhile no doubt all the news channels all over the world will be giving bite size edits of some of the usual meaningless rhetorical drivel like “security and welfare” and other things that sound good but offer nothing specific.

Whilst Michelle Obama was all smiles his daughters weren’t smiling which I thought was surprising.

Anyway, good luck with another four years of your CFR crew, America.

Over in Japan the money printing is underway and they are still finding severely radiated fish

From some of the number crunchers conclusions regarding Japan is that their financial situation is looking bad for Japan; tensions between Japan and China over the islands that were the subject of recent disputes has also translated into reduced volumes of car sales in one of Japan’s largest markets, although that has helped out a few more American car sales in China.

Whilst the mainstream media still find the time in between telling lies (over global warming and the safety of GMO crops and vaccines) to hype up the Iranian nuclear threat, it is quite interesting to note that none of them so far seem to have picked up on the story about how the West effectively has been given a guarantee regarding the Iranian nuclear weapons intent.

Ayotollah Khamenei has issued a Fatwa, a religious decree, effectively placing a ban on Iran having nuclear weapons.

Whatever one personally believes about the Iranian regime, history tells us that when they issue a Fatwa, they mean it.

So, no doubt it will feature heavily in the news in the coming week, as a sigh of relief, ‘phew, the Iranian nuclear threat isn’t there, great, so let’s get back to the negotiation table and have some productive discussions about how the trade situation can be remedied, which will ultimately produce benefits for both sides and all the people.

Actually the lamestream probably have another week or so to run on the ‘Lance Armstrong’ story so they probably won’t remember to mention the above because they are really too y pushing all their BS and propaganda 24/7.

So, perhaps it won’t get a mention, or else they will mention it and use it as an opportunity to further push the old weapons of mass destruction line..

With the recent Australian bush fires and hot weather the propaganda pushing ABC has been out in force

Jo Nova points out that Australia is a hot place

And you only have to look elsewhere in the world to see that the whole planet is not burning up [heresy I know]

Of course some claim that cold weather is more proof of AGW because they have read and regurgitated the Orwellian dictionary and believe so called ‘credible’ organisations (that have acted unscientifically to further the predetermined required conclusions) and figure heads like his royal anti human highness David Attenborough

Yes, Attenborough is an anti-human front man in the psychological war being waged by the elite against humanity; one that seeks to bring in a totalitarian dictatorship but along the way seeks to negatively impact on it with predictive programming and celebrities to cheer along to until the human species learns to love the tyranny.

Despite the mainstream fearmongering regarding human kinds ‘out of control’ population some of the people that have run the numbers (yes including even people at the W.H.O) that have already identified the peak and decline by 2030 and probably helped along by a deadly pandemic because let’s face it, they didn’t go digging up Inuit 1918 flu victims for sample D.N.A. for fun, and were Jane Burgermeister’s claims, her questions regarding that 72kgs of contaminated swine flu vaccine ever answered?

The point is that the world is not overpopulated and the evidence points to the fact that increased living standards appear to correspond to lower birth rates across the world. The richest nations have the most energy efficient technology while the poorest are the greatest producers of emissions and use ‘dirtier’ energy etc.

The most effective way to curb the perceived threat of overpopulation is to raise the living standards of the poorest nations.

The transfer of wealth and resources to developing nations is usually thought of by a lot of folk as a decent thing to be doing, but that well intentioned cash has probably gone to the IMF who have loaned it out for a return and imposed all sorts of conditionalities upon entire nations along the way.

The American car industry is a good example of how the US Government gave billions of dollars for manufacturers to set up in China and now those American Companies are thriving in the new Chinese markets, those manufacturing facilities have also taken a number of American jobs with them, yet the same American taxpayers pay for the debt that Washington decided to give them to do so.

The recent announcement of the removal of naked image body scanners in American airports has been seen as a win for civil liberarians, don’t be surprised if they just replace them with something else and say ‘oh but these are safe’.

Oh well the American manufacturer of all those newly ordered scanners for Aussie airports will no doubt make a few dollars for the manufacturer, so there’s one big American growth industry and after the American car industry almost seemed to be going the same way that the British Car industry had gone, but that has been on the up and up

Car sales for Ford were up over 30 percent in China

I didn’t realise that the Chinese car industry was so huge

So it’s true that there are a lot of American companies that are doing well despite the financial M.O. that has been going on for years for example over in DC one can only marvel that since that day in 2001 when Donald Rumsfeld announced that they were missing 2.3 trillion dollars, that none followed up afterwards in the good old msm.

So it’s not all doom and gloom for America, the problem is the fact that the American war machine is overextended across the world, with 800 bases in 140 nations, it is by far way over and above any other single expenditure that the Americans are paying for and the one thing that can be reduced in order to reduce the debt levels which are still accelerating.

The US NPP conservatively estimates the cost of war to the USA since 2001 at almost 1.5 trillion dollars,that is probably a but on the low side considering the US spends about 750 billion dollars a year on the defence budget all up.

That is the problem with the revolving door – how many members of Congress have had strong connections to weapons manufacturers for example?

Over at Big Pharma Gangster incorporated

Pentagon – Mali connection?

Spare a thought for the poorest President in the world from Uruguay, who gives most of his earnings away

If we have to have a centralised global governance let’s remember Jose Mujica when it comes to electing a President!

Whilst considering all the hot weather in Australia as a contrast spare a thought for the residents of ‘Omyakon’ in Russia where temperatures can be -70 celcius and they have outside toilets!

So that’s enough for this time other than to consider a point raised in regards to climate change.

Whether or not the extent of global warming produced by humans is an exaggerated con job or not, that we should still make the effort to be less wasteful and more energy efficient and that will reduce pollution and so on, which is a good thing and therefore a worthy cause.

I agree, but where I and many others differ is the irrefutable fact that there are a load of pollutants that rank higher on the priority list and where our efforts and a lot of money and productive efforts should be spent on those pollutants that can be ranked in terms of specific pollutants on a scale where the most dangerous to life get the top priority.

Carbon dioxide is the least of our worries (even if we assume the IPCC wasn’t a politically driven process to provide evidence of AGW as the pre-determined conclusion.)


Until next time



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